After graduating from high school in 1987 I wanted to attend Summit Christian College (formerly Fort Wayne Bible College) in Fort Wayne, IN.  When financing just wouldn’t work out I went to work while still living at home.  I worked retail and in a warehouse for a time, however it was time for me to be on my own and I took a job in Elkhart, IN, at the Africa Inter-Mennonite Mission (AIMM) as their secretary.  I worked at AIMM for a year and a half, but, truth be told, I was a lousy secretary!  In addition, I ended up very depressed as I couldn’t find a church to fit into nor any friends my age.

I spent most of my time in my apartment.  The staff at AIMM did all they could and were wonderful people to work with and be around, but since they were old enough to be my parents or grandparents they weren’t people I spent much time with outside of the office.  The few friends I made were older and professionals–definitely out of my league even though they were very kind to me.  Any hopes of a dating life were not great either.  I dated a guy for awhile, but it ended up nowhere.  I wanted to get married and have a bunch of kids, but that seemed like a crazy idea after awhile.

The hardest part , though, was the church-hunt.  I tried the church most of the staff attended, but really wanted to branch out on my own instead of working all week with the same folks and then going to church with the same folks.  I found another Bible-believing church and tried to find a niche there–no luck.  I went to a charismatic Mennonite church (yeah, go figure!) and found that one waaayyy outside my comfort-zone!  And, to be honest, extremely distracting from worship.  Everyone was just sort of doing their own thing–walking around with arms raised, kneeling in prayer, sitting and listening, whatever.  It wasn’t what I thought of as worshiping as a corporate body of believers.  I did find a church eventually, but it turned out to be soon before I ended up moving home before finally going to college.

I came to the conclusion that what I really wanted was to go to college and no matter what kind of funding it took to get there, I was going.  At the time I was dating a guy who thought it would be a waste of my time to go and, for whatever reason, that irritated me and I left!  Sometimes God works in weird ways…

August 25, 1990, I finally arrived at Summit Christian College in Fort Wayne.  I was glad to be there, but ready to forget chasing dreams and finding Mr. Right.  I was there to get a degree in elementary education and work as a teacher for missionary children.

(Does it seem strange that I remember the exact date I arrived on campus?  Not really, you see, I met Nolan that night!  It seems that whenever I give up on my wants, God finally has the chance to direct me to where He’s been wanting me to go.  And, obviously, His ideas have been far superior to mine!)

My next post I’ll talk about Summit.